Future competition of enterprise is the human resource competition in the final analysis. Yuandong group in early 90s had consciously programmed and designed the development of own human resources.
  First, it collaborated with domestic famous research institutes and colleges to introduce support and help from external special agents in order to fast set up science research team with high quality.
  Second, we would spare much money to introduce human resources and train them according to the instructing concept of introduction, retainment and good usage.
  Third, construct causes-creating environment of respecting knowledge, esteeming person with ability, digging person's ability for good usage.
  The principle of application for a job: age below 35 years old, no sex limitation, with senior school and above degree, priority to the person with mid-to-high-class title of a technical post, be hardworking and able to endure hardships, better compound ability, with some special technology and social practical experience.
Update: 2023.05.30
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